Baby Orion

21/07/2014 13:41

Jennifer has been a true Godsend.

From the very start, she put our mind at ease. As well as helping us to get to know our baby, she made us feel truly confident, relaxed and at ease as new parents which in turn, greatly benefitted the baby, making him feel secure.

Jennifer's methodological approach coupled with flexible 'trial and error' meant that we could diagnose a problem before it escalated and could read out baby's cues better. She strikes a perfect balance between 'showing how it's done' and letting the parents handle the situation themselves (which is a trait that most parents strive for when looking for a maternity nurse)

She believes in setting a schedule which results in more predictable patterns of feeding and sleeping times for the baby. These carefully thought out times meant that he kept waking up only once during the night! This is something that has been established from the start and is now a standard predictable pattern of his behaviour. If we could construct a baby manual which helped new parents to better understand their baby, Jennifer would be the answer.

Apart from caring for the baby, she has fitted perfectly into the family environment, helped with grocery shopping and prepared us a few great meals. She is someone who is easy to get on with, caring and kind. We will miss her and will certainly stay in touch over the years to come. We have not only given our son the best start in life but made a lifelong friend.

Elizabeth, James and baby Orion, July 2014