Kids at Weddings

09/10/2013 11:15

Planning your wedding and not sure whether to make it kid-friendly or kid-free, check out our handy hints to help you decide!

  • Call the parents of children you are thinking about inviting and check that they do want to bring their children. Some parents see a wedding as the perfect opportunity for kid-free time and will organise their own childcare.
  • Think about setting aside a space in the venue as the 'children's zone' or 'kids club', a separate room where children can eat and play would be ideal if the venue can cater for this.
  • Order children's meals...they will work out to be cheaper than adult meals and will make the children much happier!
  • Plan activities...can your venue (and budget) cater for a bouncy castle or other outdoor games? If there is no outdoor space then art and craft activities or putting on a movie may be a better option.

Give FABS a call to find out how we can help you to plan your wedding with kids...having childcare onsite is a stress-free way to ensure everyone enjoys your special day...regardless of their age!

Our prices start from €15 per hour and we can organise all activities, entertainment and anything else your little guests require!