Top Tips when using a babysitter!

08/07/2013 18:43

Leaving your little ones in the care of a babysitter can be a bit nerve-racking. Find A Babysitter Spain can help to ease your worries. All carers are native English speaking, CRB checked (that’s a police check) and experienced with children. New to the coast and covering Marbella to Gibraltar, you can feel confident to go out for an evening with your partner, spend a quiet day shopping, or go and see a movie. Make it a holiday for the whole family by having some quality adult time too! 

Here’s a few tips to make things easier for your babysitter:

1.      Contact details: Write down your contact telephone numbers and when you want to be called, such as when the baby cries or only if the toddler vomits or has a nightmare.

2.      Children’s medications or treatments: Whether over the counter or a prescription, write down dosages and times with the child’s name on a note, along with the location of the medication or equipment, such as an asthma-related breathing treatment.

3.      Food and drink instructions: When is snack time? What is not allowed? Are the children permitted sweets or soft drinks, etc?

4.      Bathroom information: Can they go to the toilet by themselves? Do they wear pull-ups to bed? Nappy changes? Specific towels?

5.      Allergies: Give specific directions, allergy symptoms and treatment, and reminders, e.g. cat allergy; or indications of an impending asthma attack.

6.      Bedtime routine: E.g. television off by 9pm; only one bedtime story; drinks before bed, etc.